The Journal of Steffanie Rivers 

Gun Ownership and Black People


Independence Day tends to make Americans reflect on their constitutional rights. When it comes to the 2nd Amendment more African-Americans have realized they too, have the right to bear arms. 

Even though just 19 percent of registered gun owners are African-American, they are more likely to be victims of crimes where guns are used against them. That could explain why more than half of new gun sales were to Black people in the year between March 2020 and March 2021. 

It’s one of the reasons the National African-American Gun Association (NAAGA) was created in 2015. The NAAGA website lists education, gun safety, self-defense and advocacy as its objectives. In less than six years membership has risen to more than 60,000. 

Click on the video to see the conversation with NAAGA Regional Director Stephanie Marie and chapter presidents Kourtney Redmon and Galen Muhammad.