The (Video) Journal of Steffanie Rivers

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By now you’re probably sick of all the memes and armchair therapist psych-analyzing what they claim to be the underlying issues as to why Will Smith really slapped Chris Rock during the Oscars awards show. Most people have said the slap had less to do with the G.I. Jane joke, and more to do with Smith’s Captain save-a-ho complex. So I’m not going to focus on the slap. I’m going to talk about why I wanna slap somebody:

If one more person offers me their condolences I might just slap somebody! They assume that because Will slapped Chris over of Jada’s shaved alopecia head that every woman who shaves her head must also have alopecia. Not true! This is how rumors and stereotypes get started. 

I realize some people shave their heads because of hair loss issues, including alopecia. But I shave my head to show how much I love my African features: shape of my nose, my head, lips. Yassss honey! Probably there are other women who have had to explain their shaved heads have nothing to do with alopecia.

It’s another negative stereotype Black women have to deal with, as if we don’t have enough already. The last thing I want is for anybody looking at me feeling sorry for me. On behalf of all women who shave their heads by choice Don’t cry for us! And for God’s sake don’t slap nobody in our defense, especially over a joke that you thought was funny to begin with. For more details check out my video !