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I'm a FAA-certified drone pilot, published author, video producer, licensed insurance adjuster and sales person - depending on what day it is. I'm whoever I need to be when I need to be her.  And I'm great at what I do! Here is my               . 

I'm a journalist by profession with a Bachelor's degree in mass communications from Tennessee State University, a Master's degree in journalism and public affairs from American University and decades of experience in print media, broadcast media​, marketing and sales. I studied ethics in journalism at The Poynter Institute for Media Studies. I began my professional career in North Carolina as a print and TV news reporter. Also, I worked as a radio DJ on the weekends. From there I moved to Washington, D.C. where I became a news writer for one of the leading news organizations in the nation's capital.  In addition, I served as a college professor at Morgan State University in Baltimore where I taught media writing and TV production classes, my specialty. My company, TCB Drones, LLC, provides aerial video and photography services for land surveys, utility line inspections, video productions, search and rescue missions. I use my drone in my work as a certified insurance claims adjuster. 
Most recently my mother and I started a family business, TCBResortRentals.

I own Women of Ruth Entertainment and Productions with my business partner, LaVerne Adekunle. WOR has produced a number of programs, including the reality TV show "Women Pastors - Ladies In the Pulpit" (first episode) and "Holding Out, " a TV show about the lives of women who are single and celibate.


When I'm not creating programming that promotes women and families, my other writings can be found in various publications.  I post weekly columns on and I'm a writer for Equanimity Magazine.





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